Two of Logitech's products have received the prestigious Good Design Award 2007, sponsored by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation.

The Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard and Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Premium Bedroom Music System were both named winners in the product design category. Logitech has now won 16 Good Design awards in the last five years.
“Design has always been at the core of Logitech’s products, and we are delighted to be honoured with this prestigious award,” says Junien Labrousse, executive vice president of products for Logitech. “We are dedicated to designing products that exceed our customer’s expectations. Receiving Good Design awards validates our commitment to excellence.”
The Logitech diNovo Edge and the Pure-Fi Dream each received a G-Mark, the symbol of the Good Design Award 2007.
A blend of refined design and breakthrough innovation, the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard is laser cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas® and set into a brushed-aluminium frame. Its minimalist style is further evident in the limited number of buttons and the dynamic, backlighted icons embedded within the keyboard, which are invisible when not illuminated.
Considering its many innovations and advanced technology, the eye-catching design of the diNovo Edge is thin at only 19.05mm thick.
The Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard is now available worldwide.
With its interesting design, premium audio, an innovative application of motion- and light-sensing technology, a built-in digital AM/FM radio and a dual alarm with battery backup, the Logitech Pure-Fi Dream speakers are a premium accompaniment to any iPod.
For controlling the Pure-Fi Dream in a dark room, the speakers use the latest motion-sensing technology. Backlighted control buttons automatically light up when a person waves a hand over the top of the speaker – and automatically dim when the task is completed. The motion-sensing technology also extends to the Snooze function.
In addition to offering motion-sensing technology, Logitech also incorporated light sensors into the display of the Pure-Fi Dream iPod speaker system. The light-sensitive, auto-adjusting display brightens during the day, making it easy to read from across a room. On the top of the speakers, people have easy access to 24 preset buttons – six iPod playlists, six AM radio stations and 12 FM radio stations.
The Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Bedroom Music System for iPod will be available in early 2008.