More than 91% of email received by companies in September was spam, according to data collected by the TrustLayer Mail managed security service from Panda Security. 

This percentage is slightly up on the figure for last month (87,49%), confirming the trend that has prevailed throughout the year with spam percentages around the 90% mark.
The most frequently detected malicious codes in corporate email were the Netsky.P worm and the Downloader.PSJ Trojan.
“It is essential to protect corporate networks against worms, spam and other threats. If a user runs a file containing malicious code, either through social engineering or simply by mistake, the entire network could be affected. That’s why it’s advisable to ensure that infected mail and spam are intercepted before they even reach the network using a managed service such as TrustLayer," explains Jeremy Matthews, the CE of Panda Security (South Africa).