has deployed 30 satellite terminals to help restore vital communication links in remote and underserved areas of Bangladesh, which has recently been ravaged by floods. 

Since the start of the monsoon season this year, nearly two-thirds of Bangladesh – a delta nation of 140 million people – has been inundated with flood water, bringing death and devastation across the country. Response efforts have been hampered by damaged roads and airstrips, and lack of telecommunications facilities.
"With so many disasters affecting countries, ITU is taking all measures to be well equipped and respond quickly to help governments and other first responders with telecommunications resources so that they can focus on rescue and rehabilitation operations," says Sami Al Basheer Al Morshid, Director of ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau.
"Increasingly, countries require urgent assistance from ITU as the specialized agency of the United Nations in the area of telecommunications and information and communication technologies."
ITU pays for all expenses that include the transportation of the equipment, training, and usage. All terminals, which are from Thuraya Satellite, are dedicated mainly to voice communication. They are equipped with solar panels to provide an independent source of energy.