The growing reliance on Microsoft Exchange as a business productivity tool has led to a significant increase in the number of organisations looking to protect their email server environments against downtime, according to Stratus Technologies.

Exchange has now moved into third place in the list of applications hosted on the company’s industry-standard fault-tolerant ftServer systems, which deliver average uptime reliability of greater than 99.999%.
Microsoft Exchange has gone beyond being a straightforward application for delivering messages; it has grown to become a business productivity system, a means of communication, a mechanism for collaboration and a key method for employees to manage their working lives,” says Dick Sharod, country manager, Stratus Technologies.
“The number of firms around the world that have selected our servers to provide the highest possible levels of uptime for their Exchange environments has grown dramatically, representing hundreds of thousands of inboxes. This need goes across the market, from small businesses to large scale enterprises, proving just how critical Exchange has become.”
Stratus’ fault-tolerant hardware includes fully-redundant modules throughout the machine, protecting every element against the risk of failure. By replicating each component within the server – CPU, I/O, memory, motherboard – and running each instruction through both sides of the server at the same time in “lock-step”, the ftServer ensures that no data is lost and that the application carries on performing, even in the event of a hardware failure. Stratus was the first vendor in the industry to offer fault-tolerant servers based on Intel processors.
When we analysed the total footprint of installed Stratus servers, we found that Exchange was now the third most popular application to be hosted for continuous availability,” continues Sharod. “For our customers, Exchange can be just as critical to their success as those applications that have traditionally required protection against failure, such as a payments processing application or a manufacturing execution system.
“More and more we see Exchange being used for business transactions, and protecting transactions is what we do best at Stratus”, concludes Sharod.