When Sentech pulled its bid for a pay-TV licence last month, speculation in the market was rife that it's Vivid technology platform was pulled from the market as well. Not so, says the company: the Vivid digital satellite system that receives television and radio signals is alive and well. 

The Vivid technology has an unmost unlimited potential, according to Sentech, while the increasing demand for satellite technology places it in the foreground of the ICT industry.
Vivid works on the basis of a set-top box and a smart card, much like other satellite broadcasting systems, and allows for free to air TV and/ or radio channels to be securely viewed.
A key differentiator of the Vivid platform is that it is a once-off purchase with no monthly subscription.
Sentech's Product Manager, Marinda Abrahamse, explains: "Sentech's Vivid platform still forms part of our licencing agreement with ICASA, and as a result will continue to broadcast as usual. Our valued Vivid customers will continue to receive the best service we offer."
Vivid will actively continue to operate on its longstanding agreements with Mindset's Health and Learning channels, as well as other top channels such as CNBC Africa and the SABC News International channel, to mention a few.
The company also plans to extend the platform's reach over rural South Africa where terrestrial signals are often disrupted.