Unison Communications has created a new business unit, Unilytics, managed by Wayne Speechly, which will be responsible for the delivery of its consulting and management products and services.

Unilytics Managed Services arises from the culmination of over two decades of focused voice management experience and the competencies derived from this exposure both internally and at numerous customer sites. The experience and competencies have latterly been from exposure to Unison’s flagship product, Galactrix, a business tool that effectively allows for organisations on an enterprise level to accurately account for, allocate and recover fixed and variable voice expenditure within an organisation.
“In the same way that businesses having been using Business Intelligence tools for conventional financial analysis purposes, we are now offering a similar capability in the specific area of voice management,” comments Wayne Speechly, GM of the Unilytics Business Unit.
“For instance, we would hope to provide consolidated financial information, trend analyses and an array of top 20 analyses: such as the 20% of users that have the largest impact on costs relating to an organisation’s voice traffic. We also have a strong focus on abuse identification and management of voice infrastructure.
"Most organisations are funding an unreasonable amount of employees’ private and excessive consumption and this is a problem especially given the nature of the South African telecommunications landscape”
Unilytics Consulting Services is intended to complement other activities surrounding a company’s voice infrastructure so that very specific questions can be answered regarding that environment. This is achieved, in conjunction with the client, through various auditing, modelling, managing and optimisation initiatives.
“With an organisation’s infrastructure becoming increasingly complex, it is becoming even more important that tangible information should be made available to decision makers. After all, informed decision making can only be forthcoming through the provision of consistent management information,” adds Speechly. “Our services, which are infrastructure agnostic, are designed to provide this type of capability.”