APC-MGE has announced the availability of its latest data centre offering, the NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure, a complement to its existing NetShelter SX enclosures. All APC enclosures help manage and protect equipment in a reliable rack-mount environment for high density server and networking applications.

 "With deeper servers and larger volumes of cable, companies are continuously looking for ways to maximise space in their enclosures," says Pat Johnson, vice president, Rack and Cooling Solutions, APC-MGE. "With the NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure, customers now have a model that is 130mm (5") deeper than the standard 1070mm deep enclosure."
The NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure offers a pioneering cable management design, including an additional pair of cable channels at the rear of the enclosure to enable organisation of more power and data cables.
These rear cable channels also offer additional room at the back of the enclosure to mount power distribution and enable the mounting of as many as four vertical rack power distribution units (PDUs) on one side of the enclosure. In addition, the rear cable channels neatly dress cables and keep PDUs away from cable management arms.
The NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure also maintains an enhanced roof, utilising the same design as the standard enclosure roof, but with larger cable openings along the sides. This design improves cable access, while an enlarged centre rear opening allows for better routing and management of large bundles of cable.
"As data centres continue to grow with technology investments and IT processing power, the NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure helps address the growth needs of companies by delivering feature sets that essentially future proof the data centre," adds Johnson.
"The new enclosure addresses many of the problems customers face today, including changes in the server environment, particularly the changes in server dimensions and their effect on cable management and space constraints."
The new NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure is available in three different sizes – 42U/600mm, 48U/600mm, and 42U/750mm – to help meet a variety of server dimensions.