Codima Technologies, provider of best practice tools for VoIP and Infrastructure Inventory management, has intridused autoVoIP Report Browser, a long term tracking system to automatically create in-depth reports on trends, error patterns and the Quality of Service. 

autoVoIP Report Browser provides network managers with data to help them measure VoIP network performance and solve quality issues.
autoVoIP Report Browser encompasses reports on both VoIP monitoring and VoIP testing statistics that are generated automatically for a selected day, week or month. The long term tracking system is part of the integrated multi vendor VoIP management solution Codima Toolbox.
The realtime passive VoIP analysis tool autoVoIP with highly graphical dashboard overview now provides further operational functions in addition to screen scalability, remote management, RTP analysis, Frame Flow analysis and Call playback.
“The overall success of VoIP depends on how the end user perceives the quality and services, hence monitoring and troubleshooting a network is crucial.” says CEO Christer Mattsson. “Ideally a network manager should detect and solve issues before they are noticeable for an end user. autoVoIP™ Report Browser brings the in-depth data combined with an easy to use solution that helps a network manager achieve this and improve VoIP QoS."
Codima is a first mover in call setup. The overall user call experience is not just dependent on the quality of the voice reproduction. Industry experts agree that it is affected by the call setup experience. autoVoIP monitors call setup critical parameters such as time to get a ring response time and SLA banding. Also the call failures are broken into detailed categories such as gateway failure.
With the new reports, Codima Toolbox further enhances the end user experience. autoVoIP Report Browser delivers reports in htm format covering three distinct report areas, helping network managers to improve VoIP QoS.
The SIP Server Reports covers response times, errors, and transactions associated with all the monitored SIP Servers.  The Destination Analysis Reports focuses on response times, Quality of Service and call activity for all the user defined destinations.  
autoVoIP Report Browser also produces reports covering the links in the VoIP Traffic Simulating system showing analysis of jitter, lost frames and QoS parameters such as SLA bands and R values.