Edgetec, one of South Africa’s most successful managed email security providers with an existing 100 000 users abroad, has successfully brought the service to South Africa. 

This is due in part to the improved bandwidth in the country. Edgetec’s Managed Email service has operated successfully for the past five years and gives all companies a robust platform and the type of secure email service usually associated with expensive solutions.
“With the improvements in available bandwidth and increased throughput speeds in South Africa, managed email has become a viable business proposition,” says Dean Irwin, Managed Email Specialist at Edgetec.
Edgetec’s service has already met with local success with clients Transparent Financial Services, AmVia and Rabie Property Group signing up among others.
Prior to contracting Edgetec’s Managed Email service, AmVia received between 29 000 and 39 000 spam emails daily. Only one email in 40 was a legitimate business communication. The rest were tying up bandwidth, server storage capacity and people’s time. AmVia is South Africa's leading provider of fax server solutions, and the local distributor for RightFax.
Edgetec’s 99% success rate blocking spam has had a massively positive impact on AmVia’s network since it switched from another security service provider.
“In the past we needed to speak to the overseas vendor to set up any kind of reporting, which was expensive and time-consuming,” says AmVia’s Bruce Knight. “Having local support has made things so much easier for us that we’re now able to use some of the extended functionality that Edgetec Managed Email is offering, like a Web portal and outgoing email filtering. The changeover was completely seamless and we’re very happy with the way things are going.”
Rabie Property Group contracted Edgetec for its Managed Email service and has reduced the daily spam of 30 to 100 spam emails per user to nil. Rabie Property Group, established in 1978, is a leading independent property company responsible for, among other projects, the massive Century City mixed use development in Cape Town.
Rabie’s administrator has also benefited from the numerous reports and online management system.
“The product gives great interaction through reports and divulges information such as how many spam emails have come in, how many have been unblocked by users, when they came in, and where from,” says Ingrid Milne, IT manager at Rabie Property Group. “You can also blacklist and white list domains and emails. The anti-virus system is also very effective. It picked up a virus that our internal system didn’t. Overall it’s a brilliant service and I have no hesitation in recommending it.”
Transparent Financial Services, the dedicated retirement fund administration operation, contracted Edgetec’s Managed Email service for its 75 users at its head office and eight branches. The first phase of the project rollout, implementing it at the head office for 30 users, is complete while the branch office rollout to the remaining users is under way. It’s a growing company that relies on its email system as a business facilitator.
"Email has accelerated the communication process, which empowers employees to respond quicker to issues and queries,” says Brendon Reynolds, IT specialist at Transparent Financial Services. “It also allows for a more formalised communication process than verbal communication, with a better audit trail for monitoring responses and the actions taken.”
The business was getting as many as 800 spam emails daily on its network that represented 74% of all email traffic.
“Spam is a huge waste of time and human resources,” says Reynolds. “We anticipate financial savings and we are monitoring the system. We can already see that we are saving on bandwidth, with the volume of spam being stopped before it enters our network. More available bandwidth means faster communication for business-related transactions.”
Transparent Financial Services has also garnered a number of additional benefits from using Edgetec’s service.
Reynolds says the geographic spread of branches makes it difficult to monitor use and abuse of email.
“Edgetec Managed Email service has given us the tools to manage and control the content that is delivered to a particular person or group. The email archiving option provides excellent audit trails for control and compliance with legislation purposes and retrieving an archived email is easy.”
These clients get all the email benefits that a large enterprise would get from its in-house IT department while deriving the economies of scale afforded by shared resources.
“We also offer users business continuity,” says Irwin. “If their server goes down, clients can still access their email across the Internet.”