Aspect Software and OpenSpan, enabler of the new enterprise desktop, have announced the general availability of the OpenSpan integration with the company’s

PerformanceEdge quality management application.
The integration with OpenSpan allows Aspect Software to extend Aspect Quality Management functionality – such as screen capture and call tagging – to record all back-office interactions with applications across the enterprise, helping companies gain insight into overall agent performance and create actionable plans to enhance productivity, performance and the customer experience.
“The OpenSpan Platform is the perfect complement to PerformanceEdge because it extends the scope of quality management to the business and enables contact centers to more easily achieve their operational and customer satisfaction objectives,” says Brad Murdoch, vice-president of product management, OpenSpan. “The integration of the PerformanceEdge quality management application and the OpenSpan Platform means that contact centres can now gain insight across the entire customer interaction.”
The Aspect Quality Management and Open Span integration delivers a common desktop interface to applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools, email or other systems to enable back-office recording and call tagging.  This allows the company to evaluate overall performance, identify areas for improvement, and make immediate adjustments to further enhance the complete customer experience.
“Businesses are continuously looking for better tools for monitoring customer interactions, and the OpenSpan integration will provide Aspect Quality Management customers beginning-to-end insight into the entire customer interaction,” says Brian Derr, vice-president of quality management solutions at Aspect Software.
“This integration adds value to our PerformanceEdge suite, which is designed to give companies a holistic view of the contact center and help them make intraday adjustments to ultimately align performance to support business goals.
"Aspect Software is committed to leveraging our relationships with innovative technology partners, like OpenSpan, to provide solutions that can help companies evaluate overall performance and improve the customer experience.”
Aspect Quality Management now has the capability to start, stop, pause and resume recordings based on agent desktop activity, such as when an agent flags a call as high priority in the CRM system or when an agent creates and sends an email.  This means interactions can be categorized in more ways, and accessing recordings during searches is easier and faster.
In addition, now related interactions can be tied together so users can see the full history of a customer’s interaction, all without programming. As a result, contact centers can increase agent efficiency, improve the customer service and make certain they are meeting quality levels in multichannel and back-office environments.
PerformanceEdge combines workforce management, recording and quality management, performance management, campaign management, and coaching and eLearning to enable organisations to holistically respond to changing business conditions.
The PerformanceEdge applications dynamically interoperate to help contact center managers consider everything and act immediately, ultimately making it easier for inbound, outbound and blended contact centers to control costs, enhance service levels and align performance with strategic goals.