D-Link has launched its Green Ethernet technology and its new environmental-friendly series of Soho Gigabit switches, capable of decreasing energy costs through the reduction of power consumption without sacrificing any operational performance or functionality, while benefiting both the ecosystem and Home/Soho users.

"D-Link's Green Ethernet technology conserves energy by recognising when a port is active or inactive to adjust its power accordingly, thus offering benefits to Home and SOHO users who may not need perpetual use of their computers or all the ports on their switches," says Karien Wood, marketing manager at D-Link South Africa. "It is also capable of altering the power usage relative to the length of its cable, and conserving the use of energy for both the user and the environment without suffering any loss of performance."
Gigabit Ethernet market growth is forecasted to rise significantly and surpass the 10/100 Mbps market for port shipments in the coming years. To address the needs of different users and applications, D-Link will offer Green Ethernet technology starting with SOHO Gigabit switches. These switches are economical and easy to use, and do not require extensive management or setup. These switches can fulfill the needs of Home/SOHO, midsize networks, and branch office LANs.
D-link's Green Ethernet technology can detect a link's status and cable length, and adjust power usage accordingly. By reducing power consumption, less heat is produced, resulting in extended product life and lower operating costs.
Even when a computer is shut down, switches often remain on and continue to consume considerable amount of power. Using D-link's Green Ethernet technology, the new switches can detect when a computer is turned off, and then respond accordingly by changing into power standby mode, thus reducing power usage for that port.
Switches normally send full power to cables regardless of the actual length. Using D-link's Green Ethernet technology, the switches can analyse the cable's length and adjust the power accordingly. Since the cable length used by Home/Soho users is mostly less than 20m, power consumption can be significantly reduced.
D-Link is the first company in the networking industry to introduce the Green Ethernet technology in its Soho Gigabit switches.