Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of the 17 inch MSI GX700 notebook, boasting the latest Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium.

The GX700’s  eye-catching graphic design gives it a high degree of “absolute presence” which can hardly be ignored, says Shaun Welgemoed, Pinnacle Micro’s MSI brand manager. The unit is regarded as the ultimate performance gaming notebook.
“While the design of the GX700 is simplistic, it definitely demands a person’s attention. In addition, it is perfectly suited to gamers, coming with the colourful  W, A, S, D buttons on the keyboard – so the player can find the direction controls in record-fast time When it comes to the world of a gamer, every split second counts – and the MSI GX700 is the perfect machine for this application.”
The unit also boasts a  large and impressive 17-inch LCD monitor for exceptional viewing pleasure, providing the user with the “ultimate in realism” – whether it is being used for watching a DVD, or playing a game.
The machine is also equipped with the best and latest NVidia Geforce 8600M GT 3D graphics card with 512 MbVRAM  – and exclusive MSI vivid image enhancement technology. High-definition multimedia also creates the most impressive and realistic audio visual effects. Recognised and approved by the highest standards of Dolby, Theatre Class 4.1 Channel Surround Sound Effect and Subwoofer can further deliver real-life listening enjoyment.
Welgemoed says the GX700 – besides boasting the latest Intel Centrino technology – provides the user with superb battery life and  expanded wireless connectivity.
Other features include a 1.3 Megapixel webcam for enhanced Internet chatting and wireless functionality that allows connection to the Internet anytime, anywhere.
Accessories include a red/black back-pack carry bag and a gaming mouse. The unit also comes with a two year carry-in warranty.