EMC used the platform of Storage Networking World to highlight new technologies and strategies for helping customers achieve greater interoperability for fixed content storage solutions, stronger information security, and improved energy efficiency for their information infrastructure.

The company also introduced new system and software capabilities as part of its comprehensive portfolio of next-generation backup, recovery and archive solutions.
Among the highlights at SNW, EMC teamed with The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) to host the first ever demonstration of multi-vendor solution interoperability enabled via the eXtensible Access Method (XAM) specification.
Developed by EMC and other industry leaders in collaboration with SNIA to be a new technology standard, XAM is a software framework for fixed content storage solutions that enables multi-vendor solution interoperability, data portability, and automated Information Lifecycle Management for long term records retention and regulatory compliance.
EMC’s industry-leading EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) system and EMC DiskXtender automated file system archiving software will be featured as part of this much anticipated demonstration, highlighting EMC’s commitment to helping customers obtain the maximum business value from their information assets. Event attendees can preview these demonstrations at the SNW Solutions Center.
“It is rewarding to see the industry, via XAM, embrace a model for storing and retrieving fixed content that EMC and its ISV partners have pioneered for the Centera platform since 2002. As an emerging industry interface standard, XAM promises significant benefits to customers, independent software vendors, and system vendors alike,” says Frank Touwen, CEO of EMC South Africa.
“The demonstrations at SNW Fall 2007 highlight the strong momentum behind the XAM specification, and EMC’s early leadership in delivering XAM-enabled fixed content solution interoperability for customers.”