EMC has introduced an easy and cost-effective way for customers to integrate data de-duplication and continuous data protection (CDP) technologies into their existing backup and recovery environments.

By combining these new capabilities with the long-established backup and recovery functionality of EMC NetWorker, customers can realize the highest levels of flexibility, management and cost control over their data protection operations, while protecting their overall investments in these technologies.
Mike Fisch, analyst for The Clipper Group, comments: “There is substantial value in EMC's integration of EMC NetWorker with next-generation data protection technologies like de-duplication and continuous data protection.
"Enterprises are looking for every way to improve service level agreements while reducing the complexity, costs, and risks of managing a backup infrastructure. EMC's dedication to innovation is helping bring more stability, control and ease of use to traditional backup customers and their evolving data protection environments.”
With new integration of data de-duplication from EMC Avamar and continuous data protection from EMC RecoverPoint, EMC continues to build on the NetWorker core infrastructure and provide customers with advanced, next-generation capabilities for backup and recovery.
While customers can still purchase Avamar and RecoverPoint independently, EMC NetWorker customers can now drive greater ease of use and meet the challenge of simplifying administration by centralizing control and management of new data protection applications, in addition to those existing protection policies already in place.
EMC Avamar’s patented global de-duplication backup technology improves data protection for remote offices, branch offices, datacenter LANs, and VMware environments by storing only a single copy of sub-file data across sites and servers, dramatically reducing the amount of data that is backed-up daily.
The combination of Avamar’s de-duplication with NetWorker helps customers reduce the amount of file system data to backup without adding administrative complexity by providing a common management interface and backup workflow.
Avamar de-duplication technology is integrated directly into the NetWorker client to allow complete management for scheduling, policy creation, including browse and retention, monitoring and reporting – all through the NetWorker Management Console.
NetWorker users will be able to backup and recover de-duplication clients using the same familiar NetWorker interfaces and workflows used for all other clients.
 Integration of EMC RecoverPoint with NetWorker allows customers to manage RecoverPoint through the NetWorker Management Console interface and create point-in-time CDP snapshots for rapid recoveries and long-term backup to disk or tape. Centralised management from NetWorker allows customers to schedule CDP snapshots, set policies, and browse the index of RecoverPoint-based snapshots.
Alex Robertson, technology solutions manager at EMC South Africa, says: “Customers have asked for the latest technologies like de-duplication and CDP, but they don’t want to abandon their current investments. Listening to our customers, we’re bringing together the best of both worlds, integrating the latest technologies with the rock-solid capabilities of our flagship backup software platform."
EMC also introduced new platform capabilities and updated software as part of its comprehensive portfolio of next-generation backup, recovery and archive solutions. The EMC Disk Library DL4000, an open systems virtual tape library, now supports RAID 6 protection for improved availability and new 1Tb disk drives that provide 30% more capacity and improve the overall economics of online backup by further lowering the cost per Gigabyte of storage.
In addition to the EMC Disk Library, the EMC Clariion CX series of networked storage systems and EMC Celerra IP storage systems also now support the 1Tb disk drives to further help customers with backup-to-disk implementations. Finally, the latest version of EMC Backup Advisor software features expanded application and host platform support to simplify the analysis and reporting of the entire backup environment.
EMC Backup Advisor software is a customisable backup reporting, alerting, monitoring, and correlation analysis tool for EMC NetWorker and third-party backup software products.