Fujitsu Siemens Computers has opened the virtual gates to its island in Second Life.

As the most popular and well-established virtual world, with more than 10-million users, Second Life is an ideal platform to gain experience and explore the potential for such new technologies. It is also a place to address existing and potential customers in new ways and presents us with a new level of vendor/user interaction.
Dr Jürgen Brock, senior director of strategic marketing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers, comments: “We want to get some first-hand experience of the 3D virtual world: to learn about how people interact with us, what they expect from us and what we can offer to them. The 3D virtual world will most definitely be a part of our future and to ignore the learning opportunities offered to us by Second Life now would, in my opinion, be a little short-sighted.”
The island is built around a virtual version of the company’s HQ in Germany, the Highlight Towers, and offers a place for recreation and entertainment.
There are also learning opportunities for those who want to find out more about IT and in particular it’s impact on the environment. For example, people can take a look inside an energy-efficient Esprimo E EPA PC and learn about the ways in which energy is saved through its innovative design.
People looking for fun and entertainment can play the 70's retro-game “computer-tennis” – a real highlight for Second Life.
For users seeking to equip their avatar with new clothing and great accessories, Fujitsu Siemens offers a real must-have and a first in Second Life: besides branded T-shirts – people can get a virtual notebook, the Esprimo Mobile U ultra-portable notebook, which they can use to play everywhere they go in Second Life and at no cost.
Also featured on the island are product staging areas intended to inform visitors about the company's consumer and professional products.
As a gateway and introduction to the island the company has built an Internet micro-site which is helpful for those who have not yet entered this virtual world and are looking for help and guidance. It can be found at