Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the availability of Adaptec's version 4.4 of its GuardianOS operating system, which powers its Snap Server network storage systems.

Scaling from 160Gb to 66Tb, Snap Server by Adaptec enables distributed enterprises to deliver the right amount of storage for applications at headquarters, in branch offices, and in retail outlets.
In addition to providing new file and print services, GuardianOS runs enterprise-class data protection software for PCs and servers, and replication software to distribute, protect and collect data between remote Snap Servers.
Says Raul Del Fabbro, Storage Division Manager at DCC: "The enhanced version of GuardianOS features the Data Migration Utility, which allows businesses to easily transfer data from any system supporting the CIFS or NFS protocols to a Snap Server. By ensuring that all file and folder permissions remain intact, and verifying that the transfer was performed correctly, businesses get the assurance that their data has been completely and correctly transferred to the Snap Server.
"Adaptec has made it easy and safe to migrate information from expensive network attached storage (NAS) and dated file servers to new Snap Servers. Copy utilities are not reliable enough to handle large data transfers and it can take weeks or months to get all the permissions right after data is moved. Adaptec's new Data Migration Utility takes all of that pain away."
Powered by GuardianOS v4.4, Snap Servers deliver a comprehensive range of storage systems that run value-added software applications, including distributed management, replication, and backup and restore for desktops, notebooks, and servers, in order to meet the needs of distributed enterprises.
From remote locations with Snap Server 110, 210 or 410 systems to the central office with its Snap Server 520 and 650, the product family was designed to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for a storage strategy that spans multiple sites. With the new Data Migration Utility, businesses can now easily move data to a Snap Server storage infrastructure.