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Microsoft yesterday announced a new retail offer that will provide a great way for families to jump into the Xbox 360 and start enjoying fantastic gaming experiences that have been available to South Africans since the console launched in September last year.

The first of two new retail offerings, available from Friday 2 November, includes an Xbox 360 Pro video game system and four hit games (Forza Motorsport 2, Fifa 08, WWE 08 and Viva Piñata, all top selling titles from Microsoft Game Studios) for an incredible estimated retail price of R3 999.00 –  a saving of just under R1,700.00 for South African families.
The Forza Motorsport 2, Fifa 08, WWE 08 and Viva Piñata offer is available just in time for consumers to take advantage of the strongest gaming lineup in console history.
The cornerstone of the line-up, the newly released “Halo 3,” has become a global phenomenon, garnering more than $300-million in worldwide sales in its first week of release.
Even without Halo 3, 2007 would have been a year to remember for Xbox 360 gamers – a packed release schedule offering a wide range of incredible titles including exclusive, genre-defining games such as such as BioShock (2K Games), Blue Dragon (Microsoft Game Studios – MGS), Project Gotham Racing 4 (MGS), Naruto Rise of a Ninja (Ubisoft), Viva Piñata Party Animals (MGS), Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (Namco Bandai Games) and Mass Effect (MGS), all arriving towards the end of the year.
“We already knew we had the best lineup of games on any platform this Christmas, and now we’re pleased to offer a new way to experience the world of Xbox 360,” says Cindy White, group marketing manager, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices South Africa.
“The Xbox 360 retail offering brings the consoles together with four critically-acclaimed games right in the box for a fantastic price.  Now an even wider array of consumers can start playing Xbox and enjoy the greatest games lineup ever seen."