Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) specialist Even Flow Distribution, which supplies the reseller channel with a wide spectrum of hardware solutions, is now targeting the small and medium enterprise (SMME) market with specifically designed technologies.

“Any company with an ADSL line – and most SMMEs are now equipped with high speed Internet links – should be looking at a VoIP solution combined with traditional public network telephony.  Savings are enormous and, given the technologies available, return on investment (ROI) is quickly reached,” says Adrian Bush, MD at Even Flow Distribution.
The product range he refers to are feature-rich Quadro IP PBXs, VoIP gateways and cost-saving conference servers from Epygi Technologies.  These channel telephone calls through the Internet, which means that the calls cost very little or no money – a particularly big saving for organisations that make lots of long distance or overseas calls.
Quadro IP PBXs are designed for offices with 1 to 100 people offering all the facilities of traditional PBXs plus a host of additional features. One example is the "call forwarding" feature which enables users to call from anywhere using a fixed or mobile phone via the Quadro and appear to be in the office – ideal for busy executives or doctors on call.
Because the Quadros have built-in backup landlines to the traditional telephone network the office’s fax machines can still be used.  Similarly, all telephone based credit card authorisation and security alarm systems can continue functioning as normal.
Business owners and managers find the security features of the Quadros very appealing. They have integrated firewalls to protect the office’s IT network from viruses. They can be used to set up private virtual networks (VPNs) that stop people listening in to conversations.  The built-in landlines also mean that, if the Internet connection fails, the office can still communicate by telephone.
They are also ideal for larger organisations that want to unify all their branch offices into one telephone system so that all internal calls are free. For instance, retail chains use them to link their shops, head office and warehouses. At the other end of the scale there is even a Quadro for teleworkers and people with small or home offices (SOHO).
The gateways bridge the Internet and traditional public telephone networks. These enable organisations that don’t yet want to replace their current phone system to start benefiting from some of the business-enhancing and cost saving features of VoIP.
Easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use, Quadros offer users outstanding benefits and an unparalleled range of features at very economic prices.  They give superior sound quality and are compatible with all major analogue and IP phones, and telephone systems.
Even Flow has more than 600 resellers in its channel, and offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town servicing the southern African territory.
“Even Flow addresses a very focused niche VoIP market.  We have been growing steadily since deregulation a few years ago and have kept abreast of the industry.  It’s quite amazing how much action we are seeing in just a short span of time,” says Bush.
He points out that many players in the dealer channel are still trying to understand the new technologies that are emerging, so Even Flow sees most interest coming from the traditionally data networking companies.
“The PBX companies seem to be reluctant to change to VoIP.  However, we are now seeing movement there, especially among the players who attend our training courses.  They quickly recognise the benefits and price advantages that can mean good profits for them,” says Bush.