There was a time when cool gadgets like video phones and Internet cameras were the promise of the future, but were only depicted as spy gadgets in the movies for use by James Bond or a mad scientist. Today, the same high-tech gadgets that were once created as special effects are mainstream – available in stores for home use, and coming soon to a theatre near you.

D-Link has increasingly been lending its state-of-the-art technology to film and television productions, where products such as Internet cameras, video phones, and wireless routers are being used for scenes that at one time were considered special effects, but today exist in reality as part of our everyday economy and are recognisable to viewers.
Most notable is the latest Die Hard 4 movie (Live Free or Die Hard) starring Bruce Willis, which utilises a D-Link Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Internet camera from D-Link.
“Fantasy technology has finally met reality. Although product placement in major movies and TV is nothing new to consumers, it now transcends soft drinks and cars,” says Tobie van Schalwyk, country manager for D-Link in South Africa.
“There was a time when talking on a video phone or being able to see remote live surveillance video over the Internet, was reserved for Hollywood special effects. Everyone thought, wouldn’t that be cool if we could really do that. Today, when our connectivity products are featured in films and TV shows, it lets people know that this technology really exists, and it’s available to everyone, not just spies and action heroes.”
Other notable D-Link screen and TV credits include: 24, Xtreme Makeover, Medium, Smallville, RU the Girl, Dotto Tech, Eureka, Instant Star, Intelligence, Justice, 4400, and Un Homme Mort.  D-Link products used recently in major movie and television productions include WiFi home network routers, desktop broadband video phones and Internet cameras.