The PerformanceEdge Group of Aspect Software has announced new and enhanced workforce management functionality for PerformanceEdge.
Aspect eWorkforce Management 7.1 now provides contact centers with expanded agent scheduling capabilities to better comply with local, regional, and country labor laws.  And, the Aspect eWorkforce Management – Analyze II enhancement package now includes pre-packaged performance management features focused on workforce management, automatic call distributor and dialer applications.

“Aspect Software is focused on continually adding increased value to our applications and these enhancements to the market leading workforce management capabilities of PerformanceEdge are strong proof points,” says Bob Kelly, vice-president of PerformanceEdge group at Aspect Software.
“Expanding work rule capabilities is important because there are so many local labor laws around the globe, it’s essential that contact centers are able to easily comply with those requirements.  In addition, in today’s increasingly competitive environment it is critical that managers are able to measure how the contact center is performing and take immediate action that improve business results.
"These enhancements are two great examples of how PerformanceEdge continues to bring increased value to businesses.”
The expanded localisation capabilities of Aspect eWorkforce Management 7.1 allows contact centers worldwide to use new flexible work rules and equity scheduling capabilities to effectively manage their unique staffing environments.  In addition, the application now includes improved agent schedule management using drag-and-drop schedule editing and a schedule trade bulletin board.
This new functionality gives users more power to manage workforce data and daily operations because it is easier for contact center managers to customize the solution to best fit their individual workforce management requirements.
The new performance management functionality of the Aspect eWorkforce Management – Analyze II enhancement package includes a coaching form, dashboards and out-of-the-box key performance indicators (KPIs).  There is also an option for customers to add six agent related metrics, such as quality scores, revenue, first call resolution, or promises to pay made per hour.  These can come from systems other than Aspect eWorkforce Management.
PerformanceEdge offers existing integrations to all leading ACDs and predictive dialers, including those from Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, as well as Aspect Software.  The solution also includes integrations to customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other back office solutions allowing organizations to leverage a complete range of information about their company-customer interactions.
PerformanceEdge consolidates data on agent performance, response times, average handle times, call recordings and campaign metrics, empowering managers to make decisions that lead to better operational efficiency and agent effectiveness with optimal resources.