Metropolitan Health Group (MHG), one of South Africa’s leading providers of medical scheme administration and managed care solutions, has implemented a new HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) 8000 storage system in its Cape Town-based data centre with the assistance of Datacentrix.

According to Rod Russell, infrastructure manager at MHG, the company decided to replace two older EVA 5000 storage systems in order to increase disk space and bring down maintenance costs. "We have already seen a marked improvement in performance, increasing by around 30%."
Pieter Bekker, account executive at Datacentrix, adds: "As a mission critical company that holds the medical aid information of 20 to 30 companies, MHG cannot afford any downtime. The maintenance costs on the new system have been built into the capital costs of the initial three-year period of critical service, meaning that the company no longer has to pay on a monthly basis.
"MHG also believes that standardising on equipment from one vendor gives businesses more leverage for the support of critical systems and pricing and, thus, has opted to implement HP solutions across the board."
Russell says Datacentrix was appointed to implement the MHG storage project due to its long-standing relationship with HP. "With the rationalisation of its pre-sales staff and direct customer relationships, HP recommended that Datacentrix handle this implementation for MHG. Datacentrix has demonstrated a very high level of expertise and knowledge of skills on the EVA side."
Says Bekker: "Datacentrix boasts some of the highest partner accreditations in South Africa, allowing us to offer the highest level of technical support and engineering expertise for partners such as HP. Our HP-focused approach to market and serious skills investment over the past few years has cemented our strong track record and enabled us to enjoy continued success in growing its local customer base, implementing a number of successful HP projects nationwide."