Hardware and building materials chain, Pennypinchers, has standardised on serial matrix printers from TallyGenicom to take advantage of the low maintenance requirements and running costs that these printers offer.

Pennypinchers is a leading retail and distribution chain that specialises in a comprehensive range of building materials, hardware, home improvement products and related goods and services.
The company has rolled out TallyGenicom printers to 42 sites with 700 users between them around the country. On average, each store prints more than 11,000 documents a month including invoices, delivery notes and picking notes. Models in use at Pennypinchers stores range from the older Tally 2030/9 to the latest TallyGenicom T2240/9 printer. Printegration, a TallyGenicom business partner, works closely with Pennypinchers as its printing solutions partner.
Says Bruce Cowling, Group IT Systems Manager at Pennypinchers: "Pennypinchers opted for the TallyGenicom serial matrix printers because they operate reliably even in tough operating conditions like our hardware stores. We have had TallyGenicom printers running without any hassles for three years at our stores, which translates into low maintenance and support costs."
Cowling says that the TallyGenicom printers feature an enclosed design with paper fed into the printer from the bottom. This prevents dust from getting into the printer mechanism, which in turn results in low failure and wear-and-tear rates.
"Consumables for TallyGenicom printers are also reasonably priced and the maintenance costs are low, which makes it one of the most affordable cost-per-page printer solutions," he adds.
Most Pennypinchers stores are operated as joint ventures between the group and storeowners, who run and manage the outlets. The choice of printer is made in consultation with the storeowner and the Pennypinchers Support Office, and in most cases TallyGenicom comes out tops as a result of the group's favourable experience with TallyGenicom's products.
"TallyGenicom's serial matrix printers are the printing solution of choice for companies that need a product that performs well in challenging environments. Our serial matrix products are engineered with "flat" push tractors that drive forms through an uncommonly straight paper path for a jam-free operation," says David Terry, director at TallyGenicom South Africa.
"This feature, coupled with the enclosed design that keeps dust out of the printer, ensures years of reliable printing with low support and maintenance costs. The latest TallyGenicom T2240/9 printer boasts printer speeds of up to 500 characters per second at 12 CPI and a 14,000 pages per month workload, making it an ideal workhorse for industrial environments with reasonably high printing volumes."
The TallyGenicom T2240/9 printer is available from a recommended retail price of R5 200.00 inclusive of VAT.