South Africa’s national broadcaster, the SABC, is capitalising on the increased revenue opportunities opened up by the recent installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in its sales and marketing division. 

Gab Mampone, group executive of SABC Commercial Enterprises, says the broadcaster’s sales teams are now able to turn proposals around much faster and take advantage of new opportunities more quickly, thanks to vastly improved access to realtime information and better data visibility throughout the organisation.
Sales team members across the various business units can now see who is responsible for a client relationship, what contact they have had with the customer and, in the case of an issue, escalate it more quickly up the chain of command.
SABC Commercial Enterprises currently accounts for 76% of the SABC’s revenue, with responsibility for commercial airtime sales across radio and television, program, sport and education sponsorships, and interactive media sales.
The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has resulted in numerous benefits for the SABC, with a number of unique components thought to be a first in the broadcast industry. Simplified customer data entry has reduced effort and increased productivity “exponentially”, with improvements in report compilation, job prioritisation and general searches.
Automated work-flow processes have improved internal collaboration and enhanced customer service significantly. In addition, where different account teams are dealing with various media planners, advertisers and clients, the system provides a single view of all the sales engagements underway.
Most importantly, the SABC, is now 99% self-sufficient in maintaining the Microsoft CRM system and training employees.
Mampone says the SABC needed a CRM solution that could help make its customer relationship processes more consistent and effective across various sales units within the division and its extensive network of market interactions. The system had to be flexible, be able to adapt to ever-changing requirements and provide an integrated view of client accounts at the push of a button. On top of that, it also needed a system that could be implemented quickly and easily.
“Our priority was to ensure that the solution could integrate seamlessly with our existing desktop productivity applications, Microsoft Office and Outlook, which are the standard tools of the trade,” said Mampone. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM proved remarkably easy for the SABC’s sales teams to learn and use and ensured a consistent and simple working experience. This was a key factor in the decision to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”
Microsoft Gold Certificate Partner IMMIX Solutions worked with the SABC to map out the company’s complex customer relationships. This has given the SABC the ability to have a dynamic overview of its relationships with both existing and potential customers, said Warren O’Reilly, director of IMMIX Solutions.