Acer South Africa has announced the immediate local availability of the Acer TravelMate 7720G, a desktop replacement notebook that offers a range of high-end features for professional users and SMBs at an affordable price.

The TravelMate 7720G boasts a 17-inch screen, the Intel Centrino Duo high-performance processor and the new Acer ProFile chassis design. The notebook is Acer's first to break the 500GB hard drive space barrier by including two 250GB Serial ATA hard disc drives.
Says Graham Braum, sales manager at Acer South Africa: "The TravelMate 7720G is designed for in-office and outbound use, and is the perfect choice for mobile professionals who demand high levels of performance, reliability and security."
The TravelMate 7720G's Intel Centrino Duo 2 platform features a blazingly quick Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor. The notebook supports up to 4GB of dual-channel DDR2 667 MHz memory to deliver a solution that is ideal for users with heavy multitasking needs. A dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card caters for stunning visuals for multimedia applications and video playback.
The wide-aspect 17" WXGA screen gives users enough real estate, thus eliminating the need for an additional monitor on the office desk. The display offers 27% more viewing area than the traditional 15" 4:3 displays, reducing the need to scroll sideways when working with spreadsheets.
Acer's GridVista technology allows users to view up to four windows simultaneously on a single display, or eight on dual displays. As a result, they can view multiple documents and applications at the same time.
A host of security features come standard with the TravelMate 7720G, such as a file-encryption utility and a password-protected hard drive that keeps data safe even if the drive is removed from the notebook. Additionally, the enhanced Acer Disc Anti Shock protection feature guards against damage sustained from drops.
The TravelMate 7720G also offers a complete suite of connectivity options and communications tools. The Intel Next-Gen Wireless N network connection provides the latest wireless networking standard, (802.11 draft n), with speeds that are five times faster than 802.11 g. The notebook also supports the 802.11 a/b/g standards. The Acer Signal-Up technology supplies a stable wireless network connection even at the boundary of an access point's range. Also included is Acer's Crystal Eye Web Cam.
Acer's Empowering Technology suite combines seven commonly used settings into one interface that can be accessed with a single key, making it easier for users to manage power options, synchronise projector preferences, configure system settings and much more.
The Acer TravelMate 7720G is available in Acer's smooth new ProFile design, which features an advanced magnesium alloy cover that is 20 times stronger yet considerably lighter than plastic, adding stylish protection while minimising weight for effortless mobility.
The Acer TravelMate 7720G is available from a recommended retail price of R20 995 inclusive of VAT.