Blouberg beach is set to get its first five-star hotel with the emphasis being on the environment. A 13-storey, 200 room luxury hotel, due for completion at the end of 2009 that will set the standard for other environmentally friendly hotels that are sure to follow.

Deonnette de Ridder, MD of developer Realcor Cape, says: "For far too long the environment has taken a backseat when in comes to construction in South Africa. Many of the tourists that visit South Africa come from countries that have stringent laws when it comes to the environment. We believe, that by offering a hotel such as the one we are about to build, we will encourage even more visitors to our shores."
Understandably, there have been many issues in South Africa that have taken precedence over what are sometimes considered to be unimportant, or at least low-priority factors.
South Africa has lagged behind most of the developed world when it comes to matters of the environment. From the South African perspective however, the developed world has become developed largely due to its exploitation of the environment. South Africa and Africa as a whole could be held back from developing further by environmental restrictions put it upon it by the very same exploitative developed nations.
"We believe that South Africa has to improve its international stance when it comes to environmental issues for the betterment of South Africa as a whole," continues de Ridder.
Whilst zoning was granted for unlimited height for the hotel, the developers decided to limit the height to just 13 storeys.
"We were very aware of the environmental impact a larger hotel could have on the immediate area, traffic is already a major concern and greatly adding to it would certainly have made matters worse. We have ensured that there is more than adequate parking and will be operating a shuttle van for guests to go into town or to the stadium during the World Cup," says de Ridder.