The Board of TeleMasters Holdings has confirmed an anticipated dividend of 12 cents per share for the year ended 30 September 2007.
The anticipated dividend is in line with expectations laid out in the company’s Pre-listing Statement of 8 March 2007, at the placement of shares at 50 cents each.

Mario Pretorius, TeleMasters MD, ascribes the company’s strong performance to various factors, including a shift in strategic focus and returns garnered from systems investments.
“We moved our strategy from pure LCR (Least Cost Routing) to a more holistic electronic communication strategy," he says. “This has upped the quality of our client base significantly.
"In addition, we’re experiencing strong pay-offs from investments in systems that have dramatically improved staff efficiency. Turnover is now over R650, 000 per person, per year. In combination with a simplified sales method that guarantees savings for clients and an ongoing improvement programme targeting decision making ability at all levels, the company has managed to reduce the bulk of its debtor days to under 20.
“TeleMasters will retain these focus points looking forward," he adds. "We therefore expect to continue delivering in line with expectations over the medium term."
The TeleMasters Board expects to announce its annual results in the next two weeks.