Identity Systems has named South African solutions house Bateleur Software its Number 1 partner in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The award was presented at Identity Systems’ User Conference held in New York earlier this month.

Lizette Sander, Identity Systems Product Manager of Bateleur Software, says: “Receiving this prestigious award is a significant honour for Bateleur and demonstrates recognition of our efforts to entrench the Identity Systems product range in the South African market.”
Based on revenues, the Identity Systems Top Partner Award also measures market penetration, the quality of service provided to customers, and the successes achieved in exposing the Identity Systems software solutions to the local market.
As the authorised local distributor for Identity Systems, Bateleur’s South African client base for the product range includes South African Revenue Services, the Government Employees Pension Fund, Statistics South Africa, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Experian, Credit Guarantee, TransUnion, MTN and a large financial institution, where it has been proven in the area of anti-money laundering.
Bateleur focuses on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to suit specific customer needs in the areas of finance, high-end software technology and services, and resourcing. The company delivers a comprehensive range of customer-friendly, on-your-doorstep services, as well as world-class, internationally developed products.
For 20 years, Identity Systems has been the pioneer in enabling organisations to find and match information across computer systems and network databases. In particular, Identity Systems develops and markets software products that significantly enhance an organisation’s ability to search, find, match and group identity data accurately and quickly, regardless of structure, format, location, duplication, omissions or errors. The company also provides specialist services to assist organisations with the design, implementation, and use of its products.
“This capability has become even more critical as today’s organisations strive to counter money laundering activities,” Sander says. “For example, financial institutions are required by policy and law to monitor transactions, detect and report suspicious activity and truly know their customers. Identity searching and screening is a key component of this process.
“Through Identity Systems, Bateleur is able to provide fast, accurate and reliable identification and screening of individuals and businesses, as well as thorough batch data grouping and linking. These processes handle error and variation in names, addresses, company names and other identity data, regardless of the source or country of origin of the data.”
Identity Systems has more than 500 clients worldwide who rely on its robust, enterprise-wide software. The company has offices in the US, UK and Australia, and agents in other countries.