Management at Cyber Detectives, a division of Carrick Holdings, local provider of IT system security, solutions and services, and member of the Symantec Authorised Technical Assistance Partner Program, has confirmed that the company will support Symantec’s latest endpoint and anti-virus solution, Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0

The latest product to emerge from the Symantec Endpoint security stable is designed to provide comprehensive endpoint protection via a single management console and work seamlessly with existing infrastructure.
Multi-layered endpoint protection covers laptops, desktops and servers, guarding against both known and unknown malware threats.
A key selling point of the solution is its promotion of productivity and cost saving by combining several security products in one solution. This empowers business with the ability to control a multi-layer security approach through a single console.
Symantec has summarized the main features of the product as being centralized management; ease of deployment and management; total endpoint visibility; automatic security updates and cost reduction.
Clint Carrick, CEO at Cyber Detectives, says Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 offers the prospect of advanced endpoint protection using a single solution that is simple to administer from one console and integrates seamlessly with existing assets.
“IT security services providers are acutely aware of the profound impact of compliance and its affect on business continuity. Endpoint compliance is a significant part of this process and this solution will certainly enhance levels of control,” says Carrick. “Our core objective is to provide the necessary support, advice and service to ensure that clients achieve the levels of control promoted through the solution.”