Faritec's rental finance division was recently acknowledged as a leader in its field by CentraFin, one of the most prominent and respected rental finance institutions in South Africa.

Walking away with both of the awards it was eligible for at CentraFin annual partner appreciation event two weeks ago, the company is obviously extremely satisfied with this achievement.
“Not only were we awarded with the ‘2006/2007 Top Dealer, IT Sector Award’ for all of the valuable business we facilitated within the IT space, but when the final award of the evening came, we walked away with the coveted ‘2006/2007 Business Partner of the Year Award’,” says Vere Killassy, business unit executive of Faritec rental finance.
Killassy says that this is a remarkable achievement, since Faritec was up against strong competition in both categories, organisations that have far larger resource bases than what his organisation currently has at its disposal.
“The awards were however performance based,” Killassy continues, “so it came down to how much business each party did during a twelve month period. It seems that despite our size, we’ve proven we’re a force to reckoned with in this industry and that size doesn’t count – it’s more about service ethic, work ethic and how prepared you are to get down and attend to the business at hand.”
Besides providing Faritec with a boost in profile and the confirmation that all of its hard work was worthwhile over the past year, Killassy says the recognition his division has received from CentraFin will go a long way towards building an even closer relationship between the two organisations.
“CentraFin has an in-depth understanding of the rental finance market and we have a strong understanding of how rental finance relates to the procurement of IT equipment, software and services.
“Clearly the recipe worked well over the past year and we look forward to improving on our ability to deliver exactly what our customers needs. Through sound partnerships like that with CentraFin, we believe we can extend our ability to serve customers over the coming year substantially,” he says.
Jenny Gill, MD of CentraFin says that the two awards not only confirm that Faritec is her company’s largest partner, both in terms of the IT space and in general, but that Faritec is by far CentraFin’s most valuable partner in these areas.
“Faritec’s success to a large degree results from the excellent relationship it shares with its customers and the unique ability it has in providing its clients with a turnkey solution to their technology equipment requirements, as opposed to simply bolting financial services onto an existing IT equipment deal,” she says.