Fujitsu Siemens Computers is seizing the initiative and focusing on the balance between economics and ecology at its European IT forum: VISIT 2007. In a full programme of exhibition, expert talks and Event TV, the company demonstrates how business objectives and environmental concerns can be reconciled through intelligent IT products, solutions and services.

The company has placed the focus firmly on the environment and the undeniable business benefits of a responsible approach to IT: investing in state-of-the-art IT solutions supports business and makes economic sense. And when these investments also take ecological concerns into account, they can make a valuable contribution to a better environment.
The visible results, demonstrated at VISIT, are impressive: greater business efficiency with fewer resources, greater cost effectiveness as a result of higher energy efficiency, and greater reliability thanks to platforms that reduce the need for harmful substances.
Bernd Bischoff, President and CEO of Fujitsu Siemens Computers explains: “We are talking about a balance between the business benefits that innovative IT presents – like increased flexibility, reduced complexity, and reduced costs- and the environmental benefits it offers. It is no longer a question of either/or'.  This is what we mean when we say – 'For a better business. For a better planet'. It is about the overall benefit of IT investments.”
Any event, especially an international one on the scale of VISIT, has an impact on the environment. Fujitsu Siemens Computers has done everything possible to minimize this impact and has received the “Klimaneutral Zertificat” from the Klimabund in Germany which certifies that the power used for VISIT is C02 neutral. In effect, the 80 tons of CO2 needed for powering VISIT has been neutralized by investment in certified climate protection projects.
Carpets and exhibition building materials have been chosen which are recyclable; use of paper and plastics have been reduced to the minimum and a portion shuttle service for guests uses natural gas-powered vehicles. Even the catering has strived to use local and biological product wherever possible.
Being green is not new to Fujitsu Siemens Computers.  VISIT builds on the long tradition that Fujitsu Siemens Computers has in having an ecological approach: the company adopts a product lifecycle approach which carefully considers environmental impacts at every stage of the product lifecycle, from design, manufacture, use, right through to end-of-life recovery and recycling.  Almost two decades ago the company opened recycling center. It was the first to bring a green PC to market.  It implemented the EU WEE standards months before the legal deadline.
In addition to the products and solutions on display for the Dynamic Data Center, Mobility, Managed Services and Digital Home, the company is making a number of strategic announcements which further add to the environmentally conscious product line-up.  
Announcements include:
* Flexframe Infrastructure  – The first industry standards-based platform for Service-Oriented IT Infrastructures. This solution dramatically simplifies the complex issue of dynamic server resource management within a datacenter. It is ideal for consolidation tasks making it inherently environmentally conscious and is a solution which underscores the growing concerns for cost, cooling, power consumption and space management in data centres.
* x10sure 2.0  – Virtualization support has been added to x10sure’s cluster-beating high availability and server consolidation capabilities.  SMEs can take advantage of a simplified, automated, rapid-recovery and consolidation solution providing lower-cost high availability and consolidation than clustering for standard Windows-based servers and local disk-storage. At the same time customers can take another step in protecting the environment as x10sure is much less resource-intensive than clustered high-availability solutions. x10sure 2.0 is part of the industry trend towards mixed  physical and virtual server operating environments as this is built into this second-generation x10sure server solution.
* LifeBook S7210 – the latest professional notebook using UMTS/HSUPA for fast data transfer. Integrated UMTS sets the standard for fast and simple Internet access while traveling. The LifeBook features the EcoButton which can further extend battery lifetime by 10%.
* Amilo Si2636 – Style takes center stage with the new Amilo Si 2636, combining state-of-the-art technology with good looks. The glossy black cover with red accent elements is sure to be an eye catcher for visitors to VISIT.  
* Celsius – four new workstations: the new high-end dual processor workstation Celsius R650, the more compact model Celsius R550, the mid-range workstation Celsius M460 and the entry-level Celsius W360. All models are based on the latest Quad-Core Intel processors and are optimally designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of workstation applications.