Navix Distribution has been awarded sole rights to distribute Wacom's products in the South African market. This extensive range of pen tablets for consumers and business users are designed to bring creative freedom to PC users while the high-end industry specific products will deliver precision and intuitive functionality to graphic professionals.

Says Kathy Milan, product manager at Navix Distribution: "Resellers in the local market will now have the opportunity to provide these creative products to PC users and professionals, allowing them to expand their business with existing clients and create new markets."
The distribution announcement is in line with Wacom's new brand concept for its next stage of growth: reaching consumers. It builds on the company's core vision to create tools that put high technology into the hands of the world's most creative people in the simplest and most natural way. This new direction clearly reflects the company's ambition for continued growth beyond the pen technology it has become famous for and points the way to further innovations for users of interface technology.
The announcement of this growth vision has been accompanied by a transformation of the company's corporate identity and the introduction of a new consumer brand. Over the last 25 years, the advanced technology of Wacom's intuitive input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, special effects, fashion and designs around the world.
To facilitate the next stage in its growth, Wacom will continue to provide creative professionals with the best digital tools and interface technologies on the market, but will also address the consumer market, recognising that many business and home users are now looking for ways to stand out and express their personality using the latest technology.
Extending the company's reach beyond its original devotees, namely creative professionals, will initially be achieved through the launch of its suite of new pen tablets for navigating, drawing, painting, writing and retouching photographs on a computer, under the consumer brand 'Bamboo'.
The Bamboo brand communication talks a lot less about the technologies being used and concentrates on encouraging people to 'make their mark' both in terms of creating something visually distinctive and through the impression they make on the people around them.
Additionally, a range of new technologies for both creative professionals as well as a wider general consumer audience will be introduced in the near future.
Says Han Stoffels, managing director at Wacom Europe GmbH: "These are exciting times for Wacom. Our ambition for the company is to advance dramatically over the next few years, building on our expertise and experience within the creative sector to offer innovative products not only for designers, but also for consumers. We look forward to expanding our footprint in the South African market and anticipate the same positive response that we experience in international markets."