February 2008 sees the commercial launch of Cape Town-based mobile solutions provider, Mobilitrix, the brainchild of Andrew Cardoza, an expert in satellite and cellular communication technology who has NASA work experience. Mobilitrix has leveraged the power of the mobile phone to make all forms of advertising interactive, measurable and more personalised.

According to Cardoza: “Mobilitrix is about to significantly shift the landscape for marketers.”
The Mobilitrix product suite empowers consumers to request additional information from advertisers in the same way that Internet users can navigate, request and interact with a dazzling range of brand-related content.
Mobilitrix enables brand owners to deliver multimedia content, via mobile phone, to consumers using all forms of advertising – from print, to radio, billboard or television.  The world of advertising just received a new dimension and the Mobilitrix solution is going to personalize the brand-consumer relationship forever.
The interactive marketing tools are accessed via the Web, from campaign building to report retrieval and with no upfront costs, since Mobilitrix earns its revenue from a “cost per activity” (CPA) pricing model.  Advertisers create tags, denoting interactive options, online that then can be added to the advertising campaign.  
For the consumer, accessing additional brand info is as easy as sending a simple SMS – and receiving back an array of options from mobile-vouchers to video and audio clips, full-colour photos, and text-to-email offers.
Consumers seeking additional information on a product or brand (and they’re qualified leads, since they pre-select themselves by initiating the interaction) merely type the keyword that appears in an advert into their phone and text it to a five-digit short code number.  Instantly, a selection page is received with brand offerings, communication options and/or a video interface, supercharging the consumer’s brand experience, while subtly extending the advertising pitch in a more personalised manner.
Because Mobilitrix is designed with interactivity as a core focus, a dynamic two-way “conversation” encourages feedback from consumers on products, ad campaigns, new product launches or old-product revivals.
From a campaign monitoring perspective, viewing results and measuring response rates (either per region, media campaign or time window) is done in realtime via the Mobilitrix website.  Consumer behavioural trends and data are useful for intelligent campaign management and provide a powerful tool for marketers. Tracking e-vouchers and call-to-action campaigns is immediately accessible, making ROI calculations more precise and reliable.   
In South Africa 35-million people out of a population of 43-million are mobile phone users. Communication and information-on-demand is the name of the game.
Chris Rolfe, Mobilitrix CEO, is confident that “Mobilitrix will unlock exceptional value for advertisers, particularly with regard to measuring and managing advertising spend, while building a one-to-one relationship with consumers via our new mobile phone technology.”