In specialised fields, such as architecture and engineering, there is a large demand for printers that can produce very large documents (typically A0 size) in a clear, monochrome format.

These are still called blueprints and the size and clarity of such documents is a critical need for many customers. Equally important, is the need to produce these plan documents rapidly and at a favourable cost.
Kyocera Mita offers a specialised machine to answer these needs, the KM-3650W.
“The cost of these machines has come down so much that it just makes good business sense to buy one, rather than outsourcing your specialised printing,” says Jody Harrington, marketing manager at Kyocera Mita South Africa, “The machine we sell is a full Multi Functional Product (MFP) which is targeted at wide format printing requirements.”
“The sales volumes on these devices are not huge, but these high-end customers require expert support, which is why we work closely with dedicated authorised dealers, in this market sector.”
Reprodraft is a Sandton-based Kyocera authorised dealer that specialises in wide-format equipment and supplies the KM-3650W throughout South Africa.
“Kyocera’s machine offers the same quality and low cost of ownership that are common to their entire range, but it specifically addresses a gap in the market for affordable machines in the low- to medium-volume market,” says Ian Mallinson, one of Reprodraft’s founding members.
“We install several of these machines every month and have had very positive feedback from the customers. It provides high-quality printing at a rate of up to three A0 sheets per minute, which is a definite advantage in a busy office.”
“We have been in this specialised market since around 1990 and feel this machine really answers customers’ needs in its market segment.”
Beyond that, the KM-3650W has the flexibility to take any high-resolution document and scale it up to an A0 plan. This is especially useful in offices where a variety of original documents need to be converted into wide-format plans.  
Apart from the advantages that come with Kyocera technology – low cost of ownership, high quality and long maintenance cycles – this specialised machine also offers the flexibility to suit a variety of office environments.
"Obviously, the customers in this sector have similar needs when it comes to the basics,” says Harrington. “The key demands are for quality, speed and affordability.”