Duxbury Networking is giving away a Mini Cooper to one lucky Duxbury Networking Partner Programme member, as well as doubling the "DuxBux" partners will earn during November and December 2007.

The Duxbury Networking Partner Programme was launched earlier this year, with its currency ‘DuxBux’ that partners can exchange for a variety of rewards. The programme currently focuses on Netgear products, but will be expanded to accommodate other Duxbury Networking brands in the future.
“Our partner programme has enjoyed a massive uptake since its launch in May,” says Graham Duxbury, CEO of Duxbury Networking. “To celebrate this and thank our resellers for the great work they have done with the Netgear brand, we are giving away a Mini Cooper as first prize, and three Sony PS3s as consolation prizes.”
Duxbury says that tickets into a lucky draw will be awarded to resellers according to the amount of DuxBux they earn from purchasing NETGEAR products. To kick start this promotion partners will earn double DuxBux during November and December 2007 to increase their chances of winning.
“At the end of February 2008 there will be a lucky draw and one reseller will walk away with the car and another three with PS3s,” explains Duxbury. “The more Netgear products partners buy from Duxbury Networking, the more DuxBux they will earn and the greater their chances are of winning a brand new Mini.”
Besides for being used to potentially win these fantastic prizes, DuxBux can also be exchanged for a variety of exciting rewards from the Duxbury Networking Partner Programme catalogue. To register for the Duxbury Networking Partner Programme visit www.earnduxbux.co.za.
“DuxBux is our way of rewarding our reseller partners for doing business with Duxbury Networking,” says Duxbury. “And judging by the overwhelming response we have received so far, the programme is offering real value to resellers. So if you haven’t signed up for DuxBux yet, now’s the time. You might even get a Mini out of the deal…”