Logitech, the official webcam partner for the YouTube Video Toolbox, is offering one-touch YouTube uploading as part of its new Logitech QuickCam software (version 11.5), making uploading videos to the world’s most popular video sharing Web site easier than ever before.

“YouTube is recognised around the world as the premier online destination for video sharing, and many people use Logitech webcams to create YouTube content,” says Robert van de Vegte, regional director of Logitech in South Africa.
“The new one-touch YouTube button adds value to the latest QuickCam software, and we’re confident that YouTube veterans and novices alike will be delighted.”
The YouTube upload feature is the latest in a series of Logitech efforts to support webcam customers using YouTube. With QuickCam software version 11.5, a YouTube button appears at the bottom of the Logitech QuickCapture interface.
When a person is ready to upload a video captured using their Logitech webcam, they simply select the video they want to upload and click the YouTube button. A second screen appears for providing information about the video clip, including the title, a brief description, video category and search tags. (A YouTube account and Internet access is necessary to upload videos.)
Once the clip information is entered, the QuickCam webcam user just clicks the Upload Video button and the clip is instantly uploaded to their YouTube page. And once the video is uploaded, the person receives a Web link to the clip for easy distribution to family and friends.