With the PlasmaSync XP series, NEC Display Solutions is presenting three new models in 42-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch sizes.
The new PlasmaSync 42XP10, PlasmaSync 50XP10 and PlasmaSync 60XP10 are outstandingly suitable for entry into the digital signage field, as they provide innovative features with an excellent price/performance ratio.

The models in the NEC PlasmaSync XP range impress with their brilliant picture quality, and have an excellent contrast ratio of up to 15,000:1. Numerous other professional features such as text ticker and enhanced video wall function round off the performance of the new plasma models for professional use.
With the new PlasmaSync® XP series, NEC Display Solutions has taken the wide range of facilities provided on the previous models of the NEC XM series and supplemented these with the features of the LCD public displays. The new plasmas therefore now also have enhanced video wall functionality.
With the TileMatrix split function, the viewing area can be easily extended over several monitors in various configurations. A maximum of 25 displays can be connected together to form a monitor wall.
The new plasma displays from NEC Display Solutions provide maximum picture quality. The PlasmaSync 42XP10 and PlasmaSync 50XP10 impress with an excellent contrast ratio of 15 000:1, while the PlasmaSync 60XP10 has a contrast ratio of 10 000:1.
In addition, the dynamic contrast adjustment automatically provides a particularly high contrast. The 42-inch model has XGA resolution, and the 50-inch and 60-inch displays are available with WXGA resolution. In addition, the large-format flat screens of the PlasmaSync XP range are provided with improved signal processing and now also support the reproduction of 1080p signals. They therefore offer a high degree of future-proofing.
The base colours can be individually adjusted using the Colour Tune function. This enables fine colour nuances and optimum colour reproduction to be achieved when displaying company logos in special colours. The enhanced 3D Scan Technology checks the picture content for moving and static elements. This new signal processing method enables fast-moving pictures to be displayed to a higher standard.
For the display of dynamic content in professional business environments, such as can be found in TV studios, at exhibitions or in banks as well as at the Point-of-Sale (POS) and at the Point-of-Information (POI), the models of the PlasmaSync series provide a perfect solution at an excellent price.
The text ticker function is of particular advantage in POS applications. Advertising trailers can be supported by individual text messages, which complement the moving images and run across the screen in ten different positions. The text information is supplied from the PC. Larger text passages can also be superimposed on the running application using the Picture-in-Picture function (PiP).
The connection options are varied and are matched to the requirements in the business environment. The connectors provided on the models of the NEC PlasmaSync XP series include a DVI-D interface as well as two component video and two analogue video connectors. The displays can be incorporated into existing systems without any problems, as they can be controlled by means of an external RS232 connector. The daisy chain function enables video and PC signals to be looped through to other monitors.
The new PlasmaSync public displays from NEC Display Solutions are also suitable for use in difficult environments thanks to their overheating protection. Fans inside the units prevent a possible temperature rise and thus ensure long-term availability and high reliability. The fans can be permanently activated if required, thus ensuring that the unit is protected even for long term and heavy usage.
The integral Auto Luminance Management automatically reduces the brightness for still pictures and thus reduces power consumption. The well-established scheduler, which enables the display to switch on and switch off automatically, also contributes to energy saving.