MTN South Africa has launched its state-of-the-art flagship service centre in Morningside, Johannesburg. The newly-designed and renovated Morningside Service Centre will provide MTN customers with an all-inclusive service offering and the added convenience of having all the handset suppliers in the building.

“The launch of the new flagship MTN Service Centre in Morningside supports MTN South Africa’s business model which pivots around customers and their changing needs,” says Tim Lowry, MD of MTN South Africa.
Lowry says MTN South Africa’s philosophy is that growth and development hinges on its customer service. “MTN South Africa is implementing a consumer-focused strategy that aims to address service requirements and increase customer satisfaction,” says Lowry.
The results of MTN South Africa’s efforts to improve its customer service offering and experience are becoming apparent. MTN South Africa was ranked as the customer service leader in the telecommunications industry in South Africa, in the Orange Index 2007 customer service survey.
The decision to revamp the Morningside service centre and introduce it as MTN’s flagship service centre in South Africa, forms part of MTN South Africa’s strategy aimed at improving its customer service. MTN already has a large scale investment plan currently in place that will address tangible or technical issues to improve the customer experience such as network coverage and quality.
MTN South Africa acknowledges that customers are placing greater emphasis on convenience and technology facilitates convenience in today’s fast-paced lifestyles. Mobile handsets no longer serve merely as a mobile phone for conversational purposes but also provide a host of other functions such as internet access, a laptop computer, navigational assistance and TV viewing.
With customers’ needs in mind, the Morningside service centre was designed to promote customer convenience through increased efficiency, accessibility and usability of mobile technological products and their accessories.
The MTN Morningside Service Centre will provide customers with a one-stop cellular shop where they can do anything from taking out a new contract, upgrading, paying an account, getting assistance in setting up data devices, and loading value added services, to sorting out billing queries while also having the convenience of having the handset suppliers on site It will also provide advanced data technology setup services. The service centre’s modern data centre will provide customers with specialised training on handsets and services.
It will house the largest variety of cellular accessories in the country, displayed by on-site cellular handset suppliers.
A sophisticated queue management system will allow customers to simply punch in their requirements and be directed quickly to the appropriate queue, making support and service faster and more efficient.
New in-store IT equipment will enable customers to surf MTN loaded portals. A number of self-help kiosks will enable customers to explore MTN’s array of latest offerings.