Information security group, SecureData, has concluded agreements to distribute the complete product ranges from Shavlik Technologies, a US-based developer of Active Vulnerability Management software and Passlogix, a leading enterprise single sign-on vendor. The distribution agreements cover sub Saharan Africa as well as South Africa.

The Shavlik and Passlogix product ranges represent two more building blocks in SecureData's strategy to offer its resellers access to a complete range of enterprise information security and risk management solutions.
In recent months, SecureData has tied up distribution deals with networking and security vendor, Juniper, and Guidance Software, a US-based firm specialising in digital investigative solutions. The group also bought SensePost, a company that focuses on high-end security assessment and penetration testing.
Says Wayne Biehn, SecureData business development director: "Today, SecureData offers solutions from more than 20 of the world's leading information security vendors. We now have a full range of best-of-class solutions, devices and appliances for the perimeter, data centres, applications, network, endpoints, internal networks, messaging and Web.
"Collectively, these solutions provide complete coverage of all the major information security domains including business continuity, security appliances and devices, hardware authentication, identity and access management, security and vulnerability management, secure content management, threat management and security services."
PassLogix is the developer of the widely adopted v-GO Sign-On Platform for enterprise single sign-on (ESSO). ESSO products are designed to help enterprises reduce help desk calls, administrative overhead, user inconvenience and potential security breaches associated with the use of multiple application passwords. They also support identity-related compliance initiatives.
PassLogix is positioned in the leaders' quadrant in the "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Single Sign-On 2007" report released by Gartner in August. The v-GO Sign-On Platform is built around v-GO SSO (v-GO Single Sign-On), which automatically and securely signs the user into any number of Windows, mainframe or Web applications after a single network logon without additional identification and authentication processes.
These sign-on solutions can be easily deployed without requiring significant integration or infrastructure modifications. Valued-added tools such as Self Service Password Reset reduce the support and administrative burden associated password management.
Shavlik Technologies provides solutions that support an organisation's need for – Active Vulnerability Management – an automated and continual process for preventing, detecting, and removing critical security threats from corporate networks while maintaining policy-driven security configurations. Shavlik's solutions automatically and continuously assess, remediate, and manage patch levels, spyware and unauthorised software, and security configuration settings.