Acer's Veriton 1000 PC, an ultra-compact desktop PC designed for the corporate market, features Intel vPro technology and an external power supply, which contributes to a reduced cost of ownership while simplifying maintenance and management.

The Acer Veriton 1000 provides a full menu of features in a form factor that is up to 10 times smaller than conventional tower PCs. It boasts an ergonomic design that is only three litres by volume and runs at a whisper-quiet 26dB to ensure maximum comfort and productivity in the office.
Despite its tiny size, the Veriton 1000 delivers all the features that office workers need to be productive and efficient. The Veriton 1000 is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Q965 Express chipset, featuring Intel vPro technology.
The new processor architecture from Intel offers up to 40% greater processing power and 40% less energy consumption than previous-generation CPUs. The Veriton 1000 leverages the Intel vPro technology to provide remote proactive security and management capabilities even for PCs whose power is off or whose operating system is down.
The Intel vPro technology offers IT administrator features such as remote management and provisioning, problem resolution, off-hours maintenance, proactive security, and the ability to take accurate asset and hardware/software inventories. If an outbreak of malicious code is detected in one of the PCs on the network, that unit can be isolated from the rest of the IT environment to ensure that the infection doesn't spread.
Power supply failure is the reason behind more than half of PC hardware outages. The Veriton 1000 uses an external power supply unit and IT administrators would simply need to swap out this power unit if it breaks down.
With up to 400Gb SATA 3 GB/s hard disk drive storage, the Veriton 1000 offers ample storage space and a marked improvement in data access speed, eliminating the performance bottlenecks associated with earlier mini PCs.
Thanks to Acer's Empowering Technology, the Veriton 1000 also offers a host of tools to dynamically enhance system performance, reduce noise, protect data, keep the user in control, and enable trouble-free disaster recovery.
Says Darryl Ingle, product manager for desktops and servers at Acer South Africa: "Acer has designed the Veriton 1000 specifically for business environments that need a reliable and easy PC solution that delivers the perfect balance between power, performance size and cost.
"The Veriton 1000 PC is so compact and quiet, that it is great for front-office environments and other corporate settings that need an ergonomic, space-saving solution capable of running today's most demanding business applications," he adds.
The Acer Veriton 1000 desktop PC is available from a recommended retail price of R7 999.00 inclusive of VAT.