The use of number 087 as a prefix for the delivery of a free-fax-to-email service is not legal says Walter Bredell, head of Integr8 FAX.
Bredell’s warning comes in the wake of recent media reports about an established joint venture introducing a new service into the fax-to-email space.

Integr8 IT sites recent correspondence with legal experts and professional practitioners that claim the only legal fax-to-email service is on the 086 number range and 087 number ranges have been allocated for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and not for fax-to-email services.
“There is a great deal of misconception in the market, the gist of which is based on number allocation for the fax-to-email service. Our investigation into the legality of the 087 prefix has resulted in confirmation from the legal fraternity that using this prefix, in terms of the fax-to-email service, may constitute an offence in terms of the Electronics Communications Act,” explains Bredell.
Integr8 FAX, which falls under the Integr8 Group, is an established service provider within the free fax-to-email space.
”There is a growing awareness within the market about the advantages of acquiring a free fax-to-email service. The main benefits include an increase in productivity, a reduction in cost of ownership of key communications infrastructure and a meaningful contribution towards the environment,” adds Bredell.
However, while there is progress being made in terms of user education, there is also a swell in operators heading for this space and wanting to capitalize off the focus of existing and potential investors he continues.
“Unfortunately this means that not everyone can – or is willing to provide a bone fide, quality service to users. It is in our best interests to highlight discrepancies and misperception in order to ensure that people get real value for money,” he adds.