Pinnacle Micro has announced the local availability of a new addition to the Super Micro SuperBlade family.

With 16 cores and 64Gb of DDR2 memory, the SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T enables 160 processor cores and 640GB of DDR2 memory in 10n blades per 7U enclosure, which also supports up to four networking
Francois Lottering, Super Micro product manager at Pinnacle Micro, comments: "This industry-leading density makes the SuperBlade – optimised for Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) 8300 Series processors – not only the best platform for performance, energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO), but also an ideal virtualisation platform to consolidate hundreds of applications into a small package."
Alex Hsu, chief sales and marketing officer at Supermicro, adds: "By expanding the SuperBlade product line with these high-density quad-processor blades, we empower Supermicro customers to service the needs of enterprise virtualization with our centralised management. These SuperBlade servers deliver outstanding performance and energy efficiency, and help reduce TCO and preserve our environment for future generations."
"By combining the strength of AMD Virtualization technology with Supermicro's server design expertise, these 4P quad-core solutions indeed exemplify truly optimal server virtualization," says Randy Allen, corporate vice president and general manager, Server/Workstation Division at AMD.
"AMD's industry-defining native quad-core technology and Direct Connect Architecture enable superior overall system performance and efficiency, making Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors the smarter choice to address the compute-intensive demands of today's datacenter."
The SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T supports both Quad-Core AMD Opteron 8300 Series and Dual-Core AMD Opteron 8200 Series processors at all speeds. With AMD's new Dual Dynamic Power Management technology, SuperBlade SBA-7141M-T delivers breakthrough performance-per-watt.
In addition to the incredible density of up to 960 processor cores and 3,84Tb of memory per 42U rack, the SuperBlade also features high-efficiency (up to 93%) power supplies and a flexible selection of hot-swap and redundant modules.
For networking, the choices include Gigabit Ethernet switch modules, Gibabit Ethernet pass-thru modules and 4x DDR (20Gbps) InfiniBand switch modules. The SuperBlade also features a high bandwidth backplane with no active components for maximum reliability. For the optimal redundant power configuration, customers can select up to four high-efficiency (90%+) 1400-watt, 2000-watt or 2500-watt power supply modules. While one chassis management module (CMM) comes standard, the SuperBlade also supports a second CMM for redundancy.
Supermicro Server Building Block Solutions offer exceptional flexibility and feature advantages.