Boxer Superstores, a division of Pick 'n Pay Holdings, has standardised on the TallyGenicom T2340 serial matrix printer as the printing solution of choice for its stores around the country. To date, Boxer has installed more than 300 TallyGenicom T2340 printers at its branches.

Focusing on providing a wide range of groceries and other consumer goods to customers in South Africa's remote and rural areas, Boxer Superstores is a retail operation that currently boasts around 50 outlets across the country.
Three years ago, Boxer Superstores took the decision to standardise its printer hardware to simplify support and management of the printing environment, seeking to implement a solution that offered high levels of reliability and customer support, coupled with low operating costs. Boxer turned to Printegration, a TallyGenicom business partner, for advice.
Ralph Breukel, a consultant for Printegration, recommended the TallyGenicom T2340 serial matrix printer as the best option for an operating environment that presents enormous challenges in maintaining computer equipment.
Jayson Moodley, store technology manager for Boxer Superstores, says: "We decided to partner with Printegration because of their expertise and track record in printer solutions. They showed a solid understanding of our business when they recommended the TallyGenicom T2340 printer, which proved to be the printer best suited to our needs.
"The reliability and ease-of-use of these machines is extremely impressive. Support is made simple by a display panel that shows you exactly what is going on with the printer at all times. Furthermore with the straight paper path feature, we no longer have to endure any paper jams and the printing speed is excellent," adds Moodley.
"The TallyGenicom T2340 printer is designed as a rugged, fast and affordable solution for environments that need reliable, industrial-class performance. It delivers versatile transaction printing, with quick printing speeds and fast paper-loading," says TallyGenicom South Africa director, David Terry.
"In line with market demands, our latest serial matrix printers are quieter and easier to use than competing products in their class, plus they support graphics and barcodes. As a technology, serial matrix is a great fit for environments that demand low printing costs for high volume applications as well as high levels of uptime and low levels of maintenance.
"The TallyGenicom T2340 printer offers print speeds of up to 440 characters per second at 12 CPI and can easily cope with a monthly workload of 10,000 pages per month. It can also handle a wide range of media, including barcode labels, invoices, receipts, inventory reports, and more, making it a flexible solution for manufacturers and retailers like the Boxer Superstores chain, who have complex and varied industrial printing needs," Terry adds.