Comsys, a specialist in interactive telephony services and provider of telecommunication products and hosted services, has partnered with i-New Communicative Solutions for African markets. I-New is an established telecom equipment and services organisation that has been providing communications products and services worldwide.

The partnership involves the opening of a shared office near Johannesburg, South Africa and combines the robust scalable systems of Comsys with the operator implementation skills of the i-New staff thus reducing on-site installation time for the African customer. Also, telecom operators can quickly offer new products and services on the fast growing African telecom market.
Analysts’ figures show potential growth in both subscribers and ARPU for the African region. These are known to many but according to i-New CEO Peter Nussbaumer “only a few act on it in time.”
Nussbaumer continues: “This is the reason why we are teaming not only for North but also for Central and South Africa.”
Comsys founder Gerard Dorenbos adds: "Teaming is for us the ideal situation to reduce time to market and sell beyond arms length and save enormous traveling budgets. Now Comsys is present at the African market and can, by local support, interact faster on local issues.”
Last year Comsys and i-New sold the first joined solution in Namibia, followed by several other leads this year. Both i-New and Comsys expect to announce significant sales results in Q1 2008.