Compuware has released Compuware Optimal Trace 5.0, the latest version of Compuware Optimal’s market-leading business requirements management solution.

This new version provides an easy entry into adopting a business requirements management solution and enables organizations to grow into a sophisticated use of “structured requirements".
It also further strengthens Compuware Optimal’s application delivery management solution by offering increased capability to propagate business intent through the life cycle. These capabilities create a quicker and higher return on investment.
Version 5.0 dramatically lowers the barrier of entry for organizations wishing to achieve requirements process improvement. In environments where requirements have been captured in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, Optimal Trace 5.0 now provides a highly intuitive document and text import capability that allows virtually any document or file structure to be rapidly absorbed into the Optimal Trace repository. Leveraging the business-driven philosophy of Optimal Trace, this yields fast deployment and rapid adoption of a business-driven approach.
“It is challenging to get stakeholders to take the time to communicate effectively with business analysts and IT staff,” wrote Melinda-Carol Ballou, Program Director, Application Life-Cycle & ITMS at IDC in her report titled: Emerging Requirements Market Drives IT/Business Adaptability. “The emergence of more intuitive tools that are usable by business executives in conjunction with analysts to capture and codify requirements is a key step forward.”
Optimal Trace 5.0 also introduces complete and unparalleled structural flexibility for tailoring project and package/group structure to the needs of any project. This is facilitated by extending the capability to create custom field definitions on any level, including project, package and requirement level. Combining this with a new and simplified list style requirement concept creates a highly customizable requirements capture and management solution further augmenting Optimal Trace’s business-driven approach.
The capabilities of Compuware Optimal Trace 5.0 enhance the propagation of requirements to all aspects of the application life cycle. This business-driven approach is the cornerstone of Compuware Optimal’s application delivery management solution. In addition, this new version dramatically improves the capability to propagate requirements to Compuware’s Project and Portfolio Management solutions, ensuring complete alignment with the business.
“IT needs to work collaboratively with the business to elicit effective requirements and manage them throughout the application life cycle,” said John Williams, senior vice-president of Product Management and Strategy at Compuware Corporation. “With Optimal Trace 5.0, business intent is the driving force in the life cycle and this is augmented by IT-specific requirements ensuring an end deliverable that maximizes business impact. Combining Optimal Trace 5.0 with Compuware’s Optimal Delivery Manager provides a potent mix for any IT manager to effectively communicate and collaborate with the business.”
Compuware Optimal helps IT organizations consistently deliver high-quality applications to the business. Compuware’s business-driven application delivery approach delivers on business requirements and drives quality and performance into the application from the earliest phases of the development life cycle. Using these powerful solutions, IT organizations can more efficiently and effectively deliver high-quality applications to maximize business value.