The Borland division at Workgroup has announced the local availability of Borland's/CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, a new version of the rapid application development (RAD) environment for Microsoft Windows.

"The new offering is designed to help developers more quickly and cost effectively builds rich database-driven Windows and Web applications," says Grant van Eck, Borland product manager at Workgroup.
Previously known as "Borland Developer Studio", RAD Studio 2007 delivers Delphi for win32, C++ Builder and new Delphi .NET 2.0 compilers in a single integrated environment.
"It is the only integrated development environment (IDE) solution that supports rapid application development of both native Microsoft Windows and .NET applications on and for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista," says Van Eck.
"This allows developers to build Web, client/server and desktop Windows applications on all three platforms, and to deploy to any of the three. RAD studio gives developers the flexibility to use the OS that best suits their needs, while developing for multiple Windows OS, including Vista and the Web."
New features and capabilities include:
* Enhanced Delphi support for the Microsoft Vista Aero user interface.
* Delphi language support for Microsoft .NET 2.0 (compatible with .NET 3.0) and ASP .NET 2.0 development.
* Delphi for .NET support for parameterised types, which enables Delphi for .NET developers to create and consume classes in a type-safe way using any type of data structure as parameters.
* Blackfish SQL – a fully .NET managed code, SQL-compliant database engine and server from CodeGear that provides easy XCopy deployment, transaction support and .NET language Triggers and Stored Procedures.
* Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) IV, a .NET model-driven development (MDD) framework for .NET 2.0.
* Updated dbExpress 4 database architecture with support for ADO .NET 2.0.