Expand Networks is addressing the concerns of the enterprise during virtualisation initiatives by guaranteeing application performance over the WAN leading to the successful implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Using VDI as the foundation to deliver centralised desktops to remote users, desktop consolidation projects promise to significantly reduce IT costs and provide organisations with greater responsiveness and flexibility.
The challenge of VDI is that branch offices become wholly dependent on the WAN for the performance of their business applications. By deploying the Expand Compass, organisations can improve application performance and mitigate against inherent WAN issues that jeopardise VDI projects such as latency, bandwidth constraints, reduced number of users and lack of prioritisation of critical applications.   
Deploying the Expand Compass platform of tightly integrated technologies in VDI initiatives benefits enterprises by enabling up to ten times more users on the same bandwidth link from the branch office to the datacentre. This is due to its byte level compression. Layer seven QoS prioritises business critical applications and supports the VDI protocols without creating any load on the infrastructure.
In addition, TCP acceleration, tightly integrated with compression and QoS, mitigates latency to accelerate file downloads, presentations and print tasks by up 900%. Integrating Compass into the network does not require any configuration modifications and, using Expand’s Transparency Mode, visibility and control are maintained throughout the WAN.
“Motivated by organisational need to reduce costs and simplify the IT infrastructure, desktop consolidation is the next stage of IT consolidation. However, as with all consolidation projects, desktop consolidation and VDI must address user productivity and application performance issues that occur as a result of deploying over the WAN,” says Brandon Rochat, sales director: Expand Networks Africa.
“Expand’s unique ability to accelerate and manage the interactive nature of RDP traffic over which VDI connections run, guarantees application performance in a virtual environment and the successful migration to VDI. With its holistic WAN optimisation approach, only Expand Networks can truly support VDI deployments providing real value to desktop consolidation projects.”