With speeding motorists having their cars impounded in several provinces, it is important for drivers to know which devices are legal and which devices will end up with a conviction for defeating the ends of justice.

“The internationally accepted thinking, endorsed by none less than the House of Commons in England, draws a distinction between devices that ‘detect or interfere with speed measuring equipment’, namely laser detectors and laser jammers, and GPS-based road safety devices," says Kevin van Huyssteen, MD of Road Angel GPS Navigator.
The GPS navigators systems with safety data do not prevent a traffic officer from measuring the speed of the car. They work like road signs, reminding the motorist of the legal speed restrictions.
Moreover, the Road Angel GPS Navigator also warns motorists of upcoming High Accident Zones, Hijack and Smash and Grab Zones, School Zones and provides motorists with a Fatigue Alert.
The Road Angel system is based on GPS technology and should not be confused with speed-trap detectors of dubious legality, says Kevin Van Huyssteen, CEO of road navigation solutions company, Road Angel.
More than 300 000 people around the world depend on Road Angel as a safety device to guide them safely and reliably their destinations. Road tests have shown up to a 50% reduction in accidents and a 74% reduction in speeding fines.