The "silly season" referred to last week is expected to get even sillier as commerce and industry in the country rushes towards the big holiday shutdown while retailers are left to "rock" to the tune of jangling cash registers. 

And the silly season this year is certainly being spiced up like never before with the ANC’s National Congress apparently heading for a massive showdown between political heavyweights in the form of President Mbeki and Jacob Zuma.
Just in case this clash of political titans is not enough, the long arm of the law seems to be reaching in to stir things up in a fascinating twist that could have far-reaching consequences, not only for the ruling party and the future leadership of the country, but also for long-suffering "Joe Public".
News this week that the National Prosecuting Authority has received special reports that will enable decisions to be made on whether or not to proceed with charging Jacob Zuma and police commissioner Jackie Selebe, prompted a predictable reaction from elements within the ruling Military Junta.
"General Strike" (aka Cosatu) was quick to react to news that the country’s former deputy president could face prosecution for alleged fraud and corruption. In a statement that left very little to the imagination, Cosatu indicated that if Mr Zuma was charged, workers would take to the streets in their thousands to bring the country to its knees.
In an obvious call for yet another joint operation with "General Chaos", it seems that "General Strike" has decided to play judge and jury and declare that Mr Zuma has nothing to answer for when it comes to the law – that any attempt at prosecution would be nothing more than a politically inspired attempt at character assassination.
And so, after only a couple months of relative peace in which only "General Blackout" was involved in some disruptive operations, the Junta is back to preparing to flex its muscles.
Seems that the festive season, the "season to be jolly" or even the "silly season" is fast becoming something akin to the "sinister season".
– David Bryant