In most buildings today, visitor management consists of visitors scribbling their names in a guest book. Visitor Management System (VMS), developed by RCG, records and manages visitors electronically and tracks and controls their flow. 

VMS can be used for events and conferences, where the conventional visitor management approach is not effective.
“One of the obvious benefits of RCG’s VMS is the elimination of manual entries. A visitor arrives at a building and has their photo captured. The receptionist verifies the visitor’s appointment and an auto email alert is sent to person they are meeting,” says RCG Systems SA operations manager Mike Cox.
The process takes 20 seconds or less and VMS can work with most existing networks.
The visitor is issued with an RF pass which includes their name, ID number and company name. Fingerprints can also be captured. With the RF tag and fingerprint system, the visitor can be restricted to selected zones within the building with fingerprint access, defined by the administrator, providing further levels of security.
The system generates detailed reports of visitor traffic, automatically identifies returning visitors, expected visitors and people on a watch list.
By automating the process, reception staff are able to focus on providing better services, better visitor traffic control and in the process enhance the overall security of the building.