While the Internet is being used increasingly for voice communication, there has been the emergence of a new generation of VoIP solutions.
Ease2Talk is specifically designed for globe-trotting executives. It is the latest VoIP softphone solution offered by RCG. With a VoIP handset, users can make phone calls at any location with no geographical restriction, leveraging the Internet. This is especially useful for business people traveling overseas.

Although there are numerous VoIP offerings, Ease2Talk differentiates itself with the focus on security. It is one of the first VoIP solutions that comes with fingerprint authentication technology to prevent unauthorised usage and also to protect access to stored personal data. With 1Gb storage, users have significant space to store their personal contacts and other data.
Ease2Talk is designed for simplicity. The plug-and-play feature means no software installation is needed. Once plugged into the USB slot on any PC, it will automatically run and can also be accessed by password.